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All Work and No Fun...

I sigh as I set aside another PADD and pick up a new one. I don't think I ever realized how much damned paperwork Jonathan had to deal with until we started living together. Which was a number of years ago now that I think about it.

My lips curve up into a small smirk as I recall a number of choice evenings from those days. I'm not sure how he got any work done. I could be quite distracting. Somehow, he wasn't ever upset about my distraction.

I raise my gaze from the PADD to seeing Jon frowning at his own PADD while sitting at his desk. Admiral Forrest was due to call in not too long. We still had time, however. If he was comfortable with our surroundings. I haven't pushed this button yet. I know it will bring up thoughts of his older superior forcing himself on him at a young age. But been married for nearly two years now. Hoshi and Travis have Liam out on the Bridge, who is no doubt getting into whatever mischief he can manage. I think I might be safe to at least... propose the idea. We haven't been alone like this in quite some time...

I casually slide to my feet and step to press the lock to the door to Jon's Ready Room. I turn around to see him looking up at me now with a questioning gaze. I lick at my lower lip, slowly, knowing it will draw his attention.

"Love, do you know how long it's been since we've been alone? Well and truly no one to worry about waking up?"

I tilt my eyebrows suggestively and take a few cautious steps toward him.

"How long it's been since I've distracted you out of paper work?"

I try to gauge his reaction, try to see if I'd better hint at an escape to our quarters rather than staying here... though the idea of kneeling under his desk while I suck on his cock... or of Jonathan sweeping those damned PADDs onto the floor and putting that desk to proper work... has me licking at my lower lip again.

Private Log

Access granted to Jonathan Archer

I sit here, love, wide awake this morning after, with a PADD in hand as you sleep beside me in bed, an arm still around my waist. Even asleep, you won't let me go. You're deep asleep though. Beautiful face relaxed, soft, warm. My fingers itch to run through your hair, slide down further and wake you thoroughly on our day off.

But my mind is still so full with thoughts of yesterday. He's down there, love. Down there and later today soon to find himself in even better hands than he is now. It was amazing to go down there and find him at the institute. Though it was hard with two embryos, the choice of having twins, but then two tiny versions of you and me at once... I don't think we'd survive. But it was tempting...

Still, looking at the choices, I will be forever amazed that we both picked the same one. There was just something about him... only a few cells divided and I can still see him as Liam.

And in a few hours Karen will be taking care of him, along with her partner and young daughters. I can think of no better place for him to grow, other than a mite closer to us... I know we'll visit, and I know he's safe and happy there. I just... you know me... and I know you realize I won't let him out of my sight after he's born. I can be as protective as I like then. heh

Perhaps we can contact Karen much later today, see if we can see them tomorrow perhaps for a bit. I just need to make sure she's whole after the implantation procedure...

But for now, I'm going to set this PADD aside and give in to running my hands through your ruffled hair, down your neck, and lower still... will always enjoy that special moan you give as you wake from my touch...

In Private -- July 5th

*up alone with their differing schedules, decided to let Jon sleep and slipped from bed to use the lav and half read, half watch Jon on the bed from the couch*

*looks up at the sound of Jon rolling over, of him waking and searching for own self... sorry left the bed and moves to get up and sit beside him*  Here, love...

Unwanted Interruption

*leaning against the well lit side corridor, runs a hand to smooth down his deep blue t-shirt, off duty in jeans... standing just to the side of the conference room Jon is in, waiting for him to get out, hoping to steal him away for dinner*

Just a few more days, and we'll get away from all of this.

*knows the whole process of the debriefings and meetings, not to mention preparing for Enterprise's refit, is draining on them both... smiles softly to himself at the image of the smile sure to grace Jon's face at surprising him*

*tosses a look in either direction of the long hall circling around the conference rooms, groups of people coming and going, paying him little mind more or less*

*heart stops as eyes land on someone didn't expect, didn't want to find wandering the corridors*

Shouldn't he be shipped off somewhere??

*swallows hard as Lieutenant Mark Latrelle turns to face him a few meters down the hall, having just come out of an office... few years older but just as can last recall him... short hair, bright eyes, twisted lips...*

*looking away, attempts to melt into the wall behind him, hoping Mark will simply turn and go... not that he would pass this up... not the man he knew, anyway*

You can manage this.  Don't give him control over this situation.

*digs deep into own courage, eyes turn back in time to see Mark come to a stop beside him*

*lifts a seemingly uninterested eyebrow at Mark*  Yes?

In Private -- June 15th

*rubs at the back of own neck just as walks into own quarters, body aching from the work of the day*

*looks up and is more than happy to see Jon home already, too sore to stay on feet for too much longer*

Hello, love.

Early Evening Alone

*lounging on the bed made up with their red satin bedding and burgundy blanket, head propped up some as reads absently from a PADD in one hand... mostly just listening to the quiet snoring from Porthos sleeping beside his thigh*

*attempting to relax with Jon out for a few hours of the night, called onto the Bridge on a scheduled day off, but such was life... just difficult to not let thoughts drift...*

Though, I suppose quiet evenings like this, a nearly empty quarters, will be a thing of the past, once we get back to Earth... less than a year later and this place won't have so many peaceful moment.

*thoughts stall as smile slides into place, resting the PADD down onto his chest, hand resting over the top of it*

I can't wait. Our son. So small and beautiful. Right here.

*twists head and reaches without waking Porthos for the PADD Phlox gave them to read over... nothing much there to do with anything until just before everything starts moving, but can't help skimming it again*

So much to do and I want to start it all. It will take so long for him to get here, I want it started now. Phlox said it might be difficult, but we both know the risks... We've been dreaming of him for too long not to try.

*after a moment of searching, finds the passages on the first day of bringing the child home... what to do, how to prepare... but is already prepared*

Never thought I could ever ache for a child like this, let alone a son... *smile widens* AND a daughter, lets not forget her. She's even further away but I can still see her. Lord, but they will get anything they ask from us.

*eyes close, mood slipping, at unbidden thoughts... whispers quietly aloud to himself* I know I've said so before, but so help me, I will not be my father. In every way I can manage. I promise.

*eyes open at a wet nudge of Porthos' nose to hands on chest, moving one to rub his ears*

I know, you believe me.

*a tilt of Porthos' head and realizes Jon's talking to Porthos is rubbing off*

And you're right. There's a few things to come before either baby. Including you with ring bearer duties, I do believe. Just try not to run off after anything while we hold the ceremony, all right?

*chuckles softly*

Not that we'd notice.

*turns to set the PADDs aside, sitting up and pulling Porthos moreso onto his lap*

I still don't have my vows written yet, but I suppose they'll come to me... probably the night before but I doubt I will be able to remember much memorized vows anyway. One look at his eyes... We'll both be lost. Not much of a ceremony but least it would be quick.

*smiles to himself as absently pets Porthos, who has gone happily back to his snoring*

*glances out at the stars streaking past*

A family... soon...

I just want it all now.


*for once, spent the last hour of his shift on the Bridge, away from the Armory, sharing glances and looks with Jon... like before they'd found their way to one another*

*of course, all the sultry looks and Jon's butterfingers--needing to bend far over a number of times to retrieve an item--left them both sitting a moment and waiting for the majority of the crew to head off their shifts before standing themselves, not missing the rolled eyes from Travis*

*casts his own eyes down Jon one more time as they both finally stand, pausing to admire his backside once again before joining him at the lift*

*with only the beta shift left on the Bridge, both of them step alone into the lift*

*as the doors shut, leans close to whisper* You are a horrible tease, love...

*grins slyly, reaching out to stop the lift* ...and I do believe you've earned this.

*punches in one code and then another--one to shut off the lift's recording devices, the other to fake a malfunction not reported to Engineering or the Bridge*

*turns back to Jon, quickly pressing him against the rounded wall, and kissing him senseless, letting all the teases of the day boil over*

In Private -- May 23rd

Hello, love.

*steps in the door, home, and leans against Jon as he returns the welcoming kiss*

Always love your notes... thank you, to think of me so today...

*nuzzles his cheek against Jon's hand*

I missed you as well... Did you manage to get some work done?


A Simple Gift, One Year Later

And you're still here.

My thoughts dissolve away at the mere idea.

That you are still here. With me. After all these days, months...

It's been a year and I am still as happy in your arms as I've ever been... still in your arms...

You know I'm not so very good with gifts. I try and think on them, I truly do, but never can my gifts be as wonderful as those you have given me.

So I have a simple wish.

I hope that decades from now... you will still be just as forgiving of me.

Decades, love...

In Private -- May 16th

*deep asleep, nestled as close as he can manage against Jon as they sit curled up on the couch together, both having fallen asleep after their early shifts*

*beathing deep and steady, so warm and good... home...*

*shifts to press his face against Jon's neck, breathing him in*